Event Planning Tips: Choose Your Fundraiser Date Wisely

Which of these is most important in choosing a date for your nonprofit fundraiser?

  • The same date/weekend as in previous years?
  • A date your committee chair and most of the committee like?
  • A date when other organizations are not doing fundraisers?
  • A date your preferred venue is available?
  • A date that works well with school holidays? Good weather? Sports team schedules?

While all of these are good considerations, Bliss Event Studio suggests your primary concern for a fundraiser date should be

A date when other organizations are not doing fundraisers

Recently another example of poor date choice has come across our desks. In one of our favorite cities, an organization that provides music education for children has scheduled their new fundraiser on the same night as two long-standing, very popular events, both the children’s museum and the art museum benefits.

Financial success is diminished for this new fundraiser regardless of how fantastic the event is. Potential sponsors and auction donors interested in the arts and children’s involvement have been solicited by the committees for all three events. The target guest lists overlap extensively, making guests choose which organization they will support with their attendance and money.

It is also very discouraging for the committee members who have worked long and hard to develop a fun event theme supporting it with décor, venue, food, beverages, entertainment, promotional material and more, only to be disappointed by attendee numbers far below projections.

Lastly, the new fundraiser could be deemed “unsuccessful” and set aside in future development plans simply because the event date was poorly chosen.

There is no winner when fundraisers on the same date fragment the audience.

Bliss Event Studio is helping to solve this problem. We created Denver’s GOHO® Calendar – Go Out. Help Others. -  a free, calendar-format listing for non-profit fundraisers. Event dates can be listed as far as a year out to alert other similar fundraising organizations to choose a different date.

Competition for attendees is unnecessary. Working together, we can provide a lovely series of fun, successful fundraisers for friends, families and the community to support and enjoy.